A visual language project that transforms the English alphabet into body movements.

Semiology has its basis in the Kantian dichotomy of phenomenal (mental) and noumenal (material) worlds, which corresponds the classic European dichotomy of subjective and objective. De Saussure (1857-1913) founded the idea of semiology as the science of signs.

Throughout the development of this project, I employ body movements as the signifier and the correspondent English alphabet as the signified. A poem is danced, the victims' names of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting are danced... The resulted choreography is structured based on the English language, yet arbitrary and random depends on how the word/sentence read.


Fallen Neon Babylon
Her Lights Die
One By One
With Every Victim
Of Another Gun

---- by Vivien Lee

Her Lights Die from Dier Z. on Vimeo.



                                                     BROOKLYN, NY